Next, we present you our range of spirometers, transducers, consumables for spirometry and accessories.

All of them have been developed in Barcelona by our own R+D+i department, which gives us the versatility of being able to customize the products.

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What is a spirometry test?

Forced spirometry is a lung function test that detects respiratory diseases such as asthma or COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

At Sibelmed we have portable, desktop and computerized spirometers. Because spirometry is a complex test for the patient, we help to perform correct maneuvers through our adult and pediatric incentive spirometers.

What are normal values ​​in a spirometry?

If the FVC (Forced Vital Capacity) and FEV1 (Forced Inspiratory Volume in the first second) are greater than 80% and if the FEV1/FVC ratio is greater than 70%, the spirometry result is considered to be normal.

All our spirometers allow basal spirometry and spirometry with bronchodilator to be performed.

In the support section you can access our videos and training courses, in which we explain what spirometry is and how to interpret spirometry and its values.

For more information or check prices of spirometers, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.