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National Sales
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Export Sales
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Technical Service
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Missão, Visão e Valores Corporativos

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Our business group is committed to the research, development, innovation and marketing of high quality solutions with the most advanced technology for health care and disease prevention.


Establish a business structure that:

  • Is a Leader in the business areas it is committed to
  • Satisfies its customers’ needs
  • Instills a sense of ownership, responsibility and professional development in its employees
  • Maintains sustained and profitable growth
  • Helps to improve the welfare of society

Corporate Values

  • Our customer is our maximum priority.
  • The foundations for our future are initiative, innovation and leadership.
  • Our project is based on communication, mutual trust and shared experiences.
  • We are constantly improving our quality and service.
  • We respect our customers, suppliers, collaborators, social settings and the environment.
  • We believe in our capacity for self-improvement based on continuous training and stimulation.
  • We work together freely and are responsible for the results of our actions.
  • Professional ethics govern all our duties.
  • We help to improve society by offering ideas and solutions through our products and services.
  • We promote reconciliation between professional demands and social and family demands.