We return to the face-to-face events!

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After more than one year of pandemic, little by little we return to the face-to-face events!

We are going to Hannover, where we will participate as exhibitors at the next 65th International EUHA Congress (stand 112), which will be held from 15th to 17th of September.

There, we will show our range of audiometric booths:

  • S-BASIC: Economical booth, with quick and easy assembly.
  • S40: With a high acoustic insulation index, it is compatible with all the audiometers of the market, including the pc-based ones.
  • S-PREMIUM: Features an elegant design and an innovative mounting system. Ideal for audiometry tests in ENT consultations or prevention services, opticians and hearing aid centers.

As well as our 2 audiometers:

  • SIBELSOUND DUO: Portable basic diagnostic/screening equipment to perform liminal tonal tests by airway, bone conduction and masking. It is the perfect equipment to perform an audiometry test in any environment.
  • SIBELSOUND 400: Diagnostic/clinical desktop audiometer that allows, in a reliable and simple way, to carry out an audiometric examination both in the determination of hearing thresholds and in supraliminal tonal tests.

Our speculum will also be present, since we have a wide range of different diameters, compatible with the main brands of the market.