Allergy & asthma in this spring

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We are already in the middle of the spring and that leads us to wonder how allergy will be like this year.

According to the World Allergy Organization (WAO), global warming is increasing cases of allergy and asthma. Consequences of climate change such as drought, high temperatures and high levels of pollution, aggravate the symptoms of allergics and respiratory problems of the population suffering from asthma.

The explanation is that the temperature rises due to the increase of the CO2 amount present in the atmosphere. This makes the plants grow stronger and consequently produce more pollen. In addition, we are exposed to pollen for longer, since high temperatures advance the pollination period and delay its completion.


This causes an increase of the every year cases of allergy and asthma. Currently, only in Spain 8 million people suffer from pollen allergies and there are more than 2.5 millions of asthmatics.

Living with allergy reduces the quality of life and to avoid it, a good diagnosis is essential. Tests such as spirometry will help detect respiratory allergies and define the ideal treatment for each patient.

In the case of asthmatics, the spirometry is key to detect this respiratory pathology and so that the technician can indicate to the patient the steps to follow, depending on the severity.

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